pip's iced tea

Freshly brewed, home-made iced tea. Nothing artificial

image by Chessie from freshlypickked.com

image by Chessie from freshlypickked.com

“Imagine a delicious glass of summer iced tea. Take a long cool sip. Listen to the ice crackle and clink. Is the glass part full or part empty? Depends on how much you love tea I say!
— Vera Nazarian

Biopak plant-based packaging 

Carbon footprint wise, our drinks are the next best thing to having a glass of tap water at home.


Our Story

As a child I was a regular guest at my grandma's afternoon teas. There were pikelets, scones with jam and cream, sponge cakes and endless cups of tea for the grown ups.

There was nothing formal about these gatherings - just good friends, strong tea and lots of laughter...But the importance of tea was not lost on me. 

My grandma also had the biggest lemon tree in the neighbourhood and her home-made lemonade was famous. I had never tasted anything more delicious and loved the days that we spent at the beach with her blue Esky full of lemonade.

100% Homemade

Squeezing lemons and limes is down to a fine art at Pip's HQ. Not only are these fruits high in antioxidants but adding them to tea actually helps to preserve the antioxidants in the tea.  You look younger already!

Our grandma had the biggest lemon tree in the neighbourhood.

When I was 22 I spent a year in Tokyo and it was here that I fell in love with iced tea. Sugar free iced green tea to be exact but I tried them all and often.  It made me wonder why I couldn't get this in Melbourne. 

Because I want real, properly brewed, sugar free iced teas to be more readily available here I started Pip's Iced Tea.  

I have also used my grandma's lemonade recipe (Mum dug out a tiny scrap of paper with the hand written recipe on it) as a base for my flavoured iced teas.  I am pretty excited about the results.   I hope you like them too!